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— June 9, 2024 —

The day has finally arrived. “Grace Life” will be available tomorrow, June 10, on Amazon. 

I’m asking you to invest with two of your most valuable possessions:

∙Your Money

∙Your Time

For a small investment of money, “Grace Life” will take you on a journey with Anna. Her story will touch your heart and inspire you to share grace with your loved ones. You will witness how Sam, a guiding light, helps Anna in her quest to live a Grace Life.

Reading a book can be a significant investment of time, although I hope reading “Grace Life” is a pleasure that will pay you big dividends. 

I pray that reading “Grace Life” will help you in several ways:

∙ If you are not a Christ follower, I pray you receive God’s grace.

∙ If you are a Christ follower, I pray you learn to live a Grace Life.

∙ I pray you will put the “Great Commission” on your calendar.