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Terry L. Kirby

Pastor I Author

It’s here!

Terry’s latest book, “Grace Life,” is now available on Amazon.

“Grace Life” is not just a book; it’s a transformative journey. It’s a simple story about how Sam (the modern-day Good Samaritan) teaches Anna how to become a Christ follower and helps her deal with her father’s death by teaching her how to live a Grace Life. He then teaches her how to tell her family, friends, or anyone how to become a follower of Jesus.

Anna’s story will touch your heart and inspire you to share grace with your loved ones. You will witness how Sam, a guiding light, helps Anna in her quest to live a Grace Life.

You may purchase a paperback copy of “Grace Life” on Amazon for $15.97.

Terry L. Kirby is a Christ follower and a Southern Baptist Pastor who has preached for over twenty-five years and published his first work, “The I AM Bible,” in 2016. He received his Doctor of Ministry Degree from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Expository Preaching. He self-published his second book, “The Liberty Keys: God’s Instructions for Keeping America Free,” on Amazon in 2018. “Grace Life” is his third book.

Terry is available for preaching and speaking engagements to share his passion for God’s Word and America.