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Are you a faithful follower of Jesus Christ? The answer lies in your heart, when you asked God to forgive your sins and accepted His grace through faith.

The Bible instructs all Christ followers to “make disciples” of the world. In other words, every follower of Jesus Christ is to tell people about how to receive forgiveness for their sins by grace through faith.

Are you frustrated that you never learned how or don’t feel comfortable telling other people how they can become a Christ follower?

Would you like to read a simple story about how one person teaches another person how to become a Christ follower and then teaches them how to tell their family, friends, or anyone how to become a follower of Jesus? This is called living a Grace Life.

Grace Life is a parable about how Sam (the modern-day Good Samaritan) helps Anna
deal with her father’s death by teaching her how to live a Grace Life.

Terry’s latest book, “Grace Life,” soon will be available on Amazon.